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Thanks to DNA testing and analysis, Origenes Lab team is dedicated to explore new ways helping you to better know yourself. Origenes develops industry-leading technologies combining complex algorithms and indepth analysis of autosomal DNA but also MT DNA and Y DNA.

How genetics can reveal your origins

Thanks to scientific publications, reasearch works and reference databases, specific DNA markers can determine the geographical areas your ancestors were from. The genetics inherited from your parents can tell a lot about who your ancestors were and where they were leaving hundreds of years ago.

Transparence, compliance & reliability

As a European Union established company, Origenes takes user privacy seriously and makes a high priority to undertake all possible security measures to always keep your DNA anonymous and safe. At any time, you keep control of your DNA data which will not be shared to third-parties.

Who is Origenes?

Founded in Estonia in 2020 by a bunch of DNA geeks, Origenes leads ambitious programs of research and development to design innovative tools and technologies to improve genetic analysis and make it accessible to as many people as possible worldwide.